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work showing at t2f

We Are What You Made Us.

You used to be my parents- then you became society- now you're a nobody.

This is a collection representing the different stages my mind went through when I was released from the structured, societal life of Karachi and was exposed to an independent world where thinking had no limitations and the line between reality and imagination was smeared.

From glimpses of average Karachi life, my art moved into an experimental direction embracing obscure ideas of age, reality and God.

Oil and Chalk Pastel on Cardboard
34 x 44

Taazi Taazi Khabrein
Oil Pastel on Cardboard
30 x 32

How many more tricks up His sleeve?
Oil Pastel on Cardboard
34 x 44

Negative Reality
Mixed Media
25 x 33

Urrnay Ki Koshish
Ink on Paper
24 x 32

Burial of Flight
Acrylic and Mixed Media on Paper
30 x 38

Aankhein Phar Kar Dekho!
Pen and Ink on Paper
24 x 32

Age Doesn't Matter!
Chalk Pastel on Paper
23 x 24

Taken from the Daily Times- Monday, March 01, 2010

3 former Grammarians produce intriguing art

By Ameer H Ahmad

KARACHI: An exhibition is being held at Faraar at T2F featuring paintings by Zeerak Ahmed, Shoaib Rizvi and Abdullah Khan till March 7. All three artists are former Grammarians and are currently pursuing higher studies at different international colleges.

Shoaib received classical sitar and voice training at a very young age, which resulted in his interest in music, and eventually painting. He will be attending Imperial College in London to read medicine in October 2010. His work features bright rich colours and animated figures, which seem to jump right at you. Inspired by “truck art”, his painting titled “This Land is Your Land” depicts different landmarks and physical features of the country. The painting is filled with symbolic references that are apparent only when it is keenly observed. Another interesting work of art is titled “Prescription” and has been made in mixed media. The board measuring 22” x 15” has been made by sticking tablet strips of different shapes and sizes together and then painting them. It depicts a beautiful landscape with a mythological figure looking like a horse flying over the horizon.

Abdullah is pursuing his bachelors at the Ringling College of Art and Design, Florida in Fine Arts and Illustration. His first three collages are a brilliant form of expression, extremely modern and very creative. He has used pastels on cardboard boxes for some of his illustrations, resulting in stunning and quite “green” pieces of art. “Murghi” measuring 34” x 44” drawn with oil and chalk pastels on a cardboard, with the original text of the carton still visible, appears intriguing.

Zeerak’s work features the subtle images of poor children she encounters in Karachi, their faces reflecting the unknown. She is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Studio Art with a minor in music at Hiram College in the United States.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

taken from

Expressive impressions Three artists from Karachi Grammar School.

Abdullah Khan Good morning!.Finding impressions.Abdullah Khan.

...Expressive impressions…Three artists, a canvas of feelings.

An exhibition of artists work was held at the peaceniche gallery, “Firaar” meaning escape at the T2F .
Carving our perspectives, etching the skeletons of our subconscious, we are what you made us.”
Zeerak Ahmed…growing up in artists family, she now studies art at Hiram College ,USA.
She expresses herself with subtle, shaded , faded images, of children that affect her from “Sunday Bazaar” in Karachi. Little afghan boys that she meets every Sunday while shopping. The fading is representive of their unknown past, insignificant present, faded future. Their existence only existent by the faces that we connect with our eyes, for fleeting moments, while they carry our “Bojh”, our materialistic burden. The lifeline of our mundane,plasticized daily existence.In a way she is expressing the entire question of “existentialism”, in a way like Sartre or like Pablo Picasso. She is a very modern painter,in every sense of the word. Individualistic, with a strong social comment. I wish her a bright future.
Shoaib Rizvi has entered the world of painting as a form of expression amongst his varied art persuits like sitar playing, acting in stage dramas. His paintings use the bright colours and imagery that you may find in paintings of common Pakistani painter , sometimes at the back of truck. This beautiful expression colour palette was chosen by these truck or rickshaw art painters because these are the colors available for metal painting. It is his theme of the paintings that shows his deep eye into the visual treasures available all around him, be it in everyday life or the perceptions of others. This young man will do well if he pursues his career in medicine but this painting pursuit should not be given up, only refined. He may gain immensely if he learns the fine art of miniature painting as I can see he touches that.
Abdullah Khan is a 19 year old freshman at ringing College of Arts and Design, Florida. His interest in painting started as he was interested in documenting, archiving his experiences. He creates his “Visual paintings as experiences, memories. He is greatly influence by people. I find his interactive, paintings, collages as a very modern form of expression, totally creative. Labelling him will be belittling this very entertaining, sensitive artist. I wish him a very bright future too be it in painting or any other media art.
Shoaib with his paintings.

Shoaib with his paintings.

Shoaib's fantasy world...and Karachi.

The North mountain escape to "holiday"

Prescription..his view of demons as a sea!

My beautiful Sawat, Kaghan, naran, my beautiful country..Shoaib
religious leanings and dreams. Shoaib.

Faces, images, lives by Zeerak Ahmed.

Love a dog, kill a goldfish. Zeerak.

Faces show all. Zeerak Ahmed .

Ageing experience. Abdullah Khan.


Abdullah Khan Taazi Taazi Khabrein.

Urnay Ki Koshish, an attempt to flight, a life take offy Abdullah Khan.


Monday, February 22, 2010

We Are What You Made Us

Join us at Faraar for an exhibition of paintings by Zeerak Ahmed, Shoaib Rizvi and Abdullah Khan

Opening Date: Thursday, 25th Feb 2010 | 6:00 pm

wearewhatyoumadeussmall.jpg“Carving our perspectives, etching the skeleton of our subconscious, we are what you made us. As a triad of aspiring artists, we each examine our experiences within the labyrinth as it shapes our outlook of the world”.

Zeerak Ahmed
Growing up with artists in the family, I’ve always been passionate about the subject. After successful art grades throughout my O-Levels and A-Levels at the Karachi Grammar School, I decided to take it up as my major at Hiram College (USA), where I am pursuing an undergraduate degree in Studio Art and a minor in Music.

Shoaib Rizvi
I grew up in Karachi and studied at Karachi Grammar School. Being born into a family of doctors sparked my early interest in science. However, receiving classical sitar training and voice training from a very young age, resulted in my interest in music, and eventually painting. I graduated from Karachi Grammar School in 2009 having studied both art and the sciences. I will be attending Imperial College in London to read medicine in October 2010.

Abdullah Khan
I am a nineteen year old freshman at Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida, where I am working towards my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration. After completing my O-Levels from Karachi Grammar School, I moved to a boarding school in Switzerland, where I was exposed to a multitude of cultures. Piling up experiences left me curious and wanting to indulge, document and keep creating. My biggest influences are the world I am a part of and the people in it. I love loud music and the wind blowing in my face.

The exhibition will continue until Sunday, 7th March 2010

Opening Date: Thursday, 25th February, 2010
Time: 6:00 pm
Venue: PeaceNiche | T2F | Faraar
Address | Map

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