Wednesday, November 23, 2011

new portfolio-

Here is what I consider my 'portfolio'- for now- (quite a lot of my short Ringling experience).

My most recent work leans more toward the fine art realm- will get that organized and uploaded soon also.

I'm on a little bit of a rampage- and apparently- the internet is my friend. :)
so- look out- if you want!

ps. Do check out the older post called 'portfolio' from my blog archives- to see how I got here.
first oil painting at Ringling :)

Textured Acrylic Still Life Painting.
Chalk Still Life
Figure1- Charcoal

Figure 2-Charcoal

Mosque Parade- Mixed Media on wood.

Bas relief Mosque Parade 2- Sculpey on Mirror

Dropping Colorful Bombs- Mixed Media on wood.
"Khush?/Happy?"- Mixed Media on wood.

Whirling-!n-chanting-Digital Painting.

Digital Poster for Karachi gig.
Digital Album-cover Art for Karachi based  'Ludoh'

Digital Photo Edit- Tryptich- Dila

Digital + Traditional Media.

just keep me warm- friend- Digital.

Editorial Illustration on an article about Water Buffaloes trampling ancient artifacts, invalidating old-school measuring techniques and research- Watercolor on Paper.

Fantasy Self-Portrait- Watercolor and Pen on Paper.

The Morning After-Charcoal on Paper.
Illustration for a short story called 'Stones'.