Wednesday, November 23, 2011

new portfolio-

Here is what I consider my 'portfolio'- for now- (quite a lot of my short Ringling experience).

My most recent work leans more toward the fine art realm- will get that organized and uploaded soon also.

I'm on a little bit of a rampage- and apparently- the internet is my friend. :)
so- look out- if you want!

ps. Do check out the older post called 'portfolio' from my blog archives- to see how I got here.
first oil painting at Ringling :)

Textured Acrylic Still Life Painting.
Chalk Still Life
Figure1- Charcoal

Figure 2-Charcoal

Mosque Parade- Mixed Media on wood.

Bas relief Mosque Parade 2- Sculpey on Mirror

Dropping Colorful Bombs- Mixed Media on wood.
"Khush?/Happy?"- Mixed Media on wood.

Whirling-!n-chanting-Digital Painting.

Digital Poster for Karachi gig.
Digital Album-cover Art for Karachi based  'Ludoh'

Digital Photo Edit- Tryptich- Dila

Digital + Traditional Media.

just keep me warm- friend- Digital.

Editorial Illustration on an article about Water Buffaloes trampling ancient artifacts, invalidating old-school measuring techniques and research- Watercolor on Paper.

Fantasy Self-Portrait- Watercolor and Pen on Paper.

The Morning After-Charcoal on Paper.
Illustration for a short story called 'Stones'.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

work showing at t2f

We Are What You Made Us.

You used to be my parents- then you became society- now you're a nobody.

This is a collection representing the different stages my mind went through when I was released from the structured, societal life of Karachi and was exposed to an independent world where thinking had no limitations and the line between reality and imagination was smeared.

From glimpses of average Karachi life, my art moved into an experimental direction embracing obscure ideas of age, reality and God.

Oil and Chalk Pastel on Cardboard
34 x 44

Taazi Taazi Khabrein
Oil Pastel on Cardboard
30 x 32

How many more tricks up His sleeve?
Oil Pastel on Cardboard
34 x 44

Negative Reality
Mixed Media
25 x 33

Urrnay Ki Koshish
Ink on Paper
24 x 32

Burial of Flight
Acrylic and Mixed Media on Paper
30 x 38

Aankhein Phar Kar Dekho!
Pen and Ink on Paper
24 x 32

Age Doesn't Matter!
Chalk Pastel on Paper
23 x 24